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Top tips to get you noticed this exhibition season

by February 23, 2014

Exhibitions provide you with a wealth of possible rewards. You get to meet new clients, possible collaborators, and get to network.

The only downside is that you won’t be alone. Exhibitions are full of companies, all vying for attention. Rather like the internet, really, and like the internet, the ones who get noticed are the ones who try to get noticed, and use all the tools at their disposal in order to do so.

Your exhibition stand is a compact space brimming with potential. Here are our five top tips to get you noticed at exhibitions.

1. Plan and prepare

Your stand is going to be one of many, so you need to make sure people single you out. Will you need flyers, banners, signs? The more time you have to prepare, the more likely it is you’ll be able to come up with a winning combination of eye catching display and perfectly targeted messages. Booking your stand as early as possible gives you plenty of time to prepare. You’ll also want to make sure you have enough marketing materials for the event. Ordering early makes sure that you will get them in time.

2. Attract the eye and awaken the imagination with colour

Imagine walking down a street of identical, grey shops. A bland design will mean potential customers walk straight past without seeing you, whereas a confusing colour palette could drive people to steer clear, not come closer. Choose a colour theme for your stand. A stand that uses one or two bold colours throughout is going to attract attention, without being too ‘busy’ or confusing. Be imaginative. Colours and branding can evoke emotions and get the key message of your product across in the blink of an eye. Think about what makes your product special; what do your customers love about it? Encapsulate that in a simple colour scheme and design and you’re onto a winning display that’ll be surrounding by interested people.

3. Theme your items

A strong, unified scheme works well to provide consistency. You don’t want to overpower your potential customers with a multitude of colours, designs and styles. Image someone trying to explain your stand to a person they thought should give you a visit. Make it so they can summarize your design and branding in a few simple words. You should use your stand’s theme in your trade show invites and pre-tradeshow marketing. That way, people will already know your colour scheme and style, making it easier for them to spot your stand when they are walking around the event.

4. Sight your signs

Your stand may look amazing, but if people don’t know it’s there, you might as well have no stand at all. Signs and banners are great ways of attracting attention and letting people know what you do. People walking by will be looking from different angles and heights, so make sure you have signs that cover all the bases, otherwise you could be missing out on a huge percentage of the foot traffic going past.

5. Light it up

Or down. Or both. Lighting can create a powerful mixture of highlights, shadows, and three dimensional effects. Using spotlights, uplights and downlights is the perfect way of making sure people are looking exactly where you want them to be.

Remember: keep it simple

Exhibition stands are compact spaces that need to be carefully designed to optimise the area you have, while taking into account the ways in which people will move past it, and where they are most likely to look.

Following these steps will ensure you have an exhibition stand that catches people’s eye, gets them interested, and draws them in. The most important thing to remember is to keep it clear and simple. Use one key message, or call to action, to bring people closer. Writing 400 words about what you do will result in people switching off, but a 10 word headline with a strong message will make people desperate to know more.

If you think you could use a little more help, why not give me a call?


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