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Love your logo and your customers will too – We look at a few simple design tips that can help you create a classic logo

by February 23, 2014

We all see logos everywhere. They are on our carrier bags, in advertisements at the side of our Facebook profiles, on buildings, signs, even our clothes. In a sea of identities, with such a huge range of logo designs on display, standing out has never been more difficult.

To understand why logo design is important and why it needs to stand out, we first need to understand what a logo is actually for.

What is the point of a logo?

A logo is a symbol, image or mark that identifies a company, their product, or service. It gives people a way of quickly recognising the company, or their product. While a logo often doesn’t describe the company, or try to sell their services, it does grow to symbolise the company and its attitudes. Therefore, while the logo doesn’t need to be able to tell potential customers a great deal about your company, it will come to embody everything about you.

The key power of a logo lies in what it comes to mean in your customer’s minds, not necessarily what it can convey to begin with.

Getting your logo right…

Just because a logo’s importance rests in what it means, not what it is; that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to worry about its design. People still make assumptions based on first impressions, and there is still plenty of positive information that you can convey about your company with your logo’s design. And, of course, if you want people to grow fond of your design over time, it needs to be a design they like in the first place!

There are many important factors when it comes to creating a great logo. Here’s how we approach each new logo design project, so you can see what needs to be kept in mind when designing your logo.


A lot of logo designs fall down because the people designing them tried to make them too complicated. A logo needs to be something that Logo_design_bullets_Andy_Beardcan be ‘consumed’ and understood with only a quick glance, and needs to be understood whether it’s plastered on the side of a van, or a tiny image in the corner of a business card.

When you think of some of the most effective logos, you’ll see that simplicity is often the key to an effective logo. The Nike tick, the Olympic rings, or Domino’s Pizza, all combine simplicity with a bold statement to create something easy to read, flexible, and recognizable. Giving your logo one strong feature will make it stand out.


When you say ‘logo’, most people will probably instantly think of images. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. While a strong image can be very effective, never underestimate the power of a good typeface. The right styling for your company name, combined with some carefully chosen colours, could be all that is needed to catch people’s eyes and make you memorable.

Don’t forget, whether you choose an image or a typeface, that it needs to be appropriate to your brand. Research is vital here, as it will tell you what your customers are likely to respond too.


As technology changes, so do the demands on your logo. While you can’t be expected to predict the future of technology, there are plenty of examples in the present that demonstrate the need for a flexible logo. It has to work on a computer or tablet screen, on a phone, in large scale on an exhibition banner, small on an invoice, in both RGB and CMYK formats, for digital and print.

Pick a design that can stand the test of time, both in terms of style and the technology that it will likely be featured on in the future. Colours are very important, make sure you pick the right ones, and ones that will work well both in print and in digital environments. A logo that is only fit for one medium or purpose is going to hinder you in the long run.

The features of a great logoMemorable_Logo_-Andy_Beard-244x300

Remember that your logo will come to mean something to your customers. While being easily memorable and capturing the eye is important, the real power of a logo lies in what your customers will associate with it. Your logo embodies everything about your company; your products, your attitudes, and your beliefs. Because of this, getting your logo right is something that is well worth investing time in.

If you would like to discuss your ideas or would like me to help you with your logo design, then get in touch!


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